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Spring or Summer a/c tune up

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   Included in our 105.00  cooling tune up, we'll:

* Make the house call and spend as much time as it takes for a complete A/C diagnosis. 
* Check all H.P. and A.C. operational and safety controls and adjust as necessary. 

* Lubricate fan motors where needed, adjust fan speed. 

* Tighten high and low voltage connections to prevent arcing, and freon compressor  failures. 

* A rudimentary air duct adjustment (cooling balance) if possible, where one area does not cool well. 

* Check freon pressures and temperature. 

* Free electronic leak search (88.50 value) if a lot of freon is needed.

* Address any other concerns or make a small air conditioning repair not involving materials, as needed. 

* Second air conditioner / air conditioning system, or heat pump system 50.00 service charge + freon.

* Repair labor is included for any part we replace, all repair parts guaranteed one year from service date.

*  30 day air conditioning service agreement included with every service call or repair call, free of charge.


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