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These coupons can appear and disappear according to work load, without notice.
If you want one, call 919-630-1776 and make an appointment. You'll lock in your savings!

Heating and air conditioning service coupons are valid in Raleigh only.

1. Second coil cleaning at the same address is 1/2 price
2. Second diagnostic service at the same address 1/2 price
3. More than 3# of Freon-22 or 5# of R-410a, free regular electronic leak search.

 Alt tag second unit  Most units in Raleigh die prematurely. It's a fact that your air conditioner will last years longer and run cheaper if you will maintain it. It really should be twice a year for a regular heating and air conditioning system. The heating inspection is mainly for safety, nowadays the serviceman can't adjust the efficiency of a gas furnace like we used to. Heat exchangers and faulty safety controls will be discovered during this furnace safety check up. The air conditioning system service is more expensive and involves Freon or coil cleaning and drain cleaning. All of these services are discounted on the second air conditioner at the same address on the same service call. It's really the smart money that buys all the service the ac needs at once. If the unit you don't service fails the first tier charges always apply. Often I Service one air conditioner, only to have the other one fail in a week. In some ways the unit that leaks a little Freon has an advantage over the one that remains Service ignored. It gets checked every summer and consequently lasts longer the the air conditioning unit that worked well and sudden compressor failure happens. It's been costing more to operate and running under a strain with more money spent and less btuh or cooling received. Regular maintenance makes air conditioner or heat pump unit last longer and run cheaper.

Alt tag Freon coupon.  This is an hvac air conditioning or heat pump repair coupon good in Raleigh NC. It promises to offer a free leak search with a Freon purchase, r-22 or r-410@ the new Freon. Many jobs require Freon, if more than about 3 lbs are needed the unit will be freezing up. You should know where it's leaking and the cost of leak repair. You might need a new ac coil or just have a loose refrigerant connection. In any case the repair should involve a leak search. In many cases we offer a free leak search. This heating and air conditioning coupon entitles you to a free leak detection to determine where did my Freon go? This is a rainbow exclusive for now, most companies charge extra for leak detection or search. I can find your Freon leak quickly, and give you a repair estimate when we charge your air condoning for spring summer.

Here is a coupon for a free monoxide test on any heating or furnace service call. The monoxide test is done after exchanger repairs or combustion motor replacements automatically. Loose bolts can cause monoxide at a concentration that doesn't necessarily set off monoxide detectors. If you think about it most people nowadays won't smoke in their homes, but if you remember when they did, the smoke and monoxide from cigarettes never set off the standard detectors. I can read monoxide at any concentration with the best equipment obtainable. Furnaces with bright blue gas flames seldom produce monoxide, however even a slight yellow flame in a gas furnace is a sign of trouble which the monoxide test will investigate. Hi Marty! How's the new bicycle?

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