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I want to clean my outdoor air conditioning coil.

Posted by Edward Mack Cline on Thursday, September 3, 2015,
This summer I've found a lot of air conditioning coils that need cleaning, and I've cleaned most of them. I've been too busy to keep track of the pollen counts, however I suspect that the unusually high outdoor temperatures simply revealed this problem and that the air conditioning coil problem was there all along, or at least a few cooling seasons.

Your air conditioner is oversized for most of the year, so if its not quite up to snuff you may not notice. When its 100 degrees outside you will ...
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I have a smell coming from my furnace, does it need service?

Posted by Edward Mack Cline on Thursday, September 3, 2015,
The cooling season is almost over. Whew! Soon the evening or morning will come when the heating cooling gets switched at the thermostat for occasional heating duty in the evening and cooling during the day.
You will very likely smell an odor from the ducts. At any other time of year I would recommend a service appointment right away, however not in this case.

During the summer we have used the furnace blower and the heating cooling fan and ductwork for cooling only. During this time a layer of ...
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