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Fall or Winter Heating Service.

Gas Heating Repair Service. 

Heat Pump Repair Service.

Heat Pump Tune up Service. 

Gas Pack Inspection Service.       


 It's time to get ready for another Raleigh winter. Schedule heating service. Don't wait till it's freezing to find out about a heating problem. Preventative maintenance and furnace / heating service is the way to keep your family warm this winter. 


Heating Service in Raleigh, NC


  • Every year we service a few gas furnaces with bad heat exchangers, leaking fumes into homes. 
  • Every year the first cold month brings a "high" gas heating bill, because of dirty gas burners. 
  • Every year we find disconnected heating ducts, that are only heating the attic or crawlspace.
  • A Heat Pump won't tell you it needs service, but the electric company will. With a big electric bill.
  • A Heat Pump with a frozen coil, can't collect heat from outside air. It's just an electric furnace. $$$.
  • Loose wires, bad gas combustion, leaks, some problems that are costly, some down right dangerous.

 Included in our 105.00 heating service tune up :

  •   Service all the gas furnace / heatpump / heating controls, especially the safety controls that prevent fires. 
  •  For heating safety we'll inspect the heat exchanger physically, or by flame shape and draft on a sealed gas furnace. 
  •  We'll take the top off your Gas pack, and look it over. We find loose insulation, blocked coils, even an occasional  mouse nest. 
  •   If you heat with a Heat Pump we'll check the freon charge, thermostat, defrost controls, and the electric heater too. 
  •   If you have gas heat parts are not usually needed. If there is a potential problem you will be told.
  •  Bonus: Heating service, or check up exclusive. Free monoxide test if for any reason we (or you) suspect a danger. 
  •  We will address heating concerns, and offer small repairs not involving material, as part of our regular service call. 
  •  Second Gas Furnace , Electric Heater, or Heat Pump service, tune up or repair 50.00 service charge  + freon.


Heating Repairs or Service


Heating service raleigh nc. The leaves say its time for heating service , raleigh nc heating service starts with fall heating tune up and repairs for raleigh nc. a free monoxide test, an heat exchanger inspection, all part of raleigh nc heating service by rainbow. raleigh heating repairs is our service specialty. any raleigh nc heating service or repair within 25 mi. of downtown raleigh nc is the home of Rainbow's heating repair service Raleigh NC and triangle  area branch.