Rainbow Services Raleigh - what you can expect


     "You  will be treated fairly, 

            have all your questions answered, 

                  and never pay more than you should. 

                                                                                                            It's how I do business"  Ed Cline

Customer assured pricing in advance of  repairs means  no surprises.

With  years of study, and field experience, we make difficult  problems easy. First Heat Pump fixed in 1976.

Personal attention to details, too often overlooked, make every job picture perfect.

Rainbow never cut's a corner. All parts and labor will be first  quality only.

Our work is our testimony, and our advertisement is our following of happy clients.

Rainbow doesn't have much advertising budget. I just keep my customers long term, and collect a few unhappy customers from the competition. We can charge less and offer more than they can. It seems to work okay.